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A Career Change

Moonraker & Rose Florists is the realisation of a long-held dream for a little truck and selling beautiful flowers.  

As a Lancashire lass living and working in Wiltshire ‘Moonraker and Rose’ seemed an obvious and most fitting name. (Wiltshire folks are more locally referred to as ‘Moonrakers’ and Lancashire is the ‘Red Rose County’ perfect).

Moonraker and Rose launched in 2016 after finishing a career change course with the amazing Tallulah Rose Flower School in Bath, and purchasing a cute little vintage three-wheeler tuk-tuk off an online auction site.

Now here we are, a well-established flowery enterprise, two larger flower trucks later (Still with three wheels) and immersed in a wonderful world of flowers in Warminster, with clientele spread across the area.

A Fresh Approach

From the start we were determined to take a different approach to selling flowers, and it seems to have worked.

We don’t have a shop – our little flower truck can be found parked in Warminster’s Chinn’s Court three days a week. Each week we have a different and varied selection of flowers and you can pick your own flowers to be made up into little posies or bunches. Our flowers are all priced individually so you can spend as much or as little as you would like.

We don’t use lots of fancy plastic wrap and boxes – we prefer simple brown paper/recycled ‘Warminster Journal’ newspaper and string, along with reused jam-jars which work just as well.

We take orders for special occasions like weddings – for everything from corsages to large floor arrangements.

We deliver flowers all over the area at no charge (minimum spend applies for Frome, Westbury and Trowbridge).

Regular Customers

Apart from working with flowers, the greatest pleasure in our little business is that our regular customers have become our friends.

There’s one regular visitor to our Chinn’s Court flower truck pitch who merits an extra special mention. Shy, a handsome tabby cat, lives in a house nearby but can’t resist coming to hang out with us for a flowery fix. He’s apparently a regular at the local gym and nearby café too.

Come and pick up some fabulous flowers and have a chat at Chinn’s Court on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays – Shy, Sue and I look forward to meeting you.

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